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D/s Relationships (Dominance and submission).

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Dominance and submission (D/s) relationships are a type of CONSENSUAL power exchange relationship. Generally, the Dominant partner is responsible for guiding and directing the submissive partner, while the submissive partner is responsible for following the Dominant's guidance and carrying out their wishes. This type of relationship is based on trust, respect, and communication between both partners. Some people enjoy adding this type of power exchange into their sex lives. Which, when done right, can be very hot. Others enjoy adopting these roles outside of the bedroom in their every day lives as well. When done correctly, with good communication and care, many people living in these relationships report a greater sense of freedom and closeness with their partner. When a couple always maintains an element of this power structure it is referred to as a '24/7 Dynamic'.

What are the responsibilities?

In a D/s relationship, the Dominant partner is responsible for setting the rules and boundaries of the relationship. They are also responsible for enforcing these rules and boundaries, and for ensuring the safety and well-being of their submissive partner. The Dominant partner may also provide discipline and guidance to their submissive partner, and may engage in activities such as spanking, bondage, and other forms of BDSM.

The submissive partner, on the other hand, is responsible for following the rules and boundaries set by the Dominant partner. They may also engage in activities such as serving their Dominant partner, performing tasks or chores, and engaging in sexual play as directed by their Dominant partner.

It is important to note that D/s relationships are based on CONSENSUAL power exchange, which means that both partners must agree to the terms of the relationship and be willing to engage in it. This type of relationship is not based on abuse, coercion, or non-consensual behaviour.

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One of the key benefits of a D/s relationship is the deep level of trust and intimacy that can be developed between both partners. By taking on the roles of Dominant and submissive, partners are able to explore and express their desires and fantasies in a safe and consensual way. They are also able to develop a strong emotional connection, as the power exchange requires a high level of trust and communication.

However, it is important to recognise that D/s relationships are not for everyone. They require a high level of trust, communication, and emotional maturity from both partners. It is also important to establish clear boundaries and rules, and to regularly check in with each other to ensure that both partners are comfortable with the dynamic of the relationship.

While D/s relationships may not be for everyone, they can provide a deep level of intimacy and connection between partners who are willing to engage in this type of power exchange.

At ENM Australia we offer 1-1 sessions for couples or individuals exploring D/s relationships. We also offer exclusive One Day BDSM Experiential coaching for couples or individuals looking to dive deep and gain knowledge and practical experience immediately. Read more below.


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  • Role play

  • Shibari basics (Japanese rope)

  • Position training

  • The four elements of submission

  • Creating an authority figure (Dominants)

  • And more

This experiential learning is for individuals or couples at any stage of their BDSM journey. Please EMAIL us for pricing and available time slots.


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