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Practitioner Support and Supervision

Therapists, counsellors and relationship coaches often encounter unique challenges when working with clients practising ENM and D/s dynamics. How do we help new couples build security when they are deciding to forego monogamy? How can a couple maintain a D/s dynamic after a breach of trust? What do we do if there is miss-matched desire for an ENM couple? (Hint: outsourcing is not always the solution). To foster a more inclusive therapeutic community, we offer

  • Education on ENM and D/s Dynamics: educational resources and workshops on ENM and D/s relationships, ensuring a better understanding of terminology, communication, and boundary-setting within these dynamics.

  • Sharing Best Practices: Offering insights into best practices and strategies for working with ENM and D/s clients to help them better navigate the unique types of jealousy, insecurity, and power dynamics effectively.

  • Creating a Safe Space: How to promote a non-judgmental environment, respecting diverse relationship structures and addressing potential biases.

  • Addressing Personal Biases: We help practitioners explore and address biases, promoting self-awareness and respectful care.

  • Consultation and Supervision: to help you handle complex cases in ENM and D/s relationships with confidence.


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