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Specialised sessions and pricing

Areas of expertise

Kink workshops Sydney

Support for sex workers Sydney

One Day Kink Masterclass Sydney

  • Ethical Non-Monogamy: including polyamory, open relationships, swinging, solo poly, relationship anarchy. Sydney or Australia wide.

  • Jealousy management. 

  • Kink / BDSM / Ds.

  • Sex workers and those dating sex workers.

  • Sex and relationship coaching: attachment issues, unlocking desire, intimacy, performance anxiety and dating coaching.

  • Practitioner support and supervision.

  • Ds relationships

  • Kink workshops Sydney

  • BDSM workshops in Sydney

Add kink and Ds to your relationship with this One Day Experiential intensive. Sydney based in person. Or via video call.

Jealousy workshops Sydney

Support for therapists and coaches interested in Ethical Non-monogamy



One Day Experiential

This is a one-of-a-kind education intensive! It's hands on and not offered anywhere else in Australia! If you are looking for immediate intervention, skill-building and a life-changing experience, this is the path for you. Over one day you will learn about: 


  • BDSM theory and safety

  • Somatic Kink (Kink in the body)

  • Impact play (eg crops, spanking, floggers)

  • Role play

  • Shibari basics (Japanese rope)

  • Position training

  • The four elements of submission 

  • Creating an authority figure (Dominants)

  • And more


This experiential learning is for individuals or couples at any stage of their BDSM journey. Please EMAIL us for pricing and available time slots.

Explore a diverse range of intimate connections with ENM Australia. In the lively heart of Sydney, discover how  to create and grow inside of Ds relationships. Our responsibility is to give a guiding hand to those intrigued by the power of Dominance and submission. Whether you're new to the idea or seeking to develop your understanding, our Kink Coaches are here to direct you on an excursion of exploration and connection.

Dive into alternative-sexuality with our Kink workshops in Sydney. Customised for all degrees of curiosity and experience, these workshops offer a special chance to learn, share, and celebrate the joys of kink and fetish. Our inclusive environment encourages a feeling of community, ensuring that everybody feels enabled to explore their desires in a protected and consensual space.

Have a life-changing experience with our specialised Experiential BDSM Coaching in Sydney. Taught over the course of a full day, individuals or couples can dive deep into their desire. Unlock kinks / fetishes. Learn Shibari, flogging, wax play, how to cultivate Dominance or submission and more. Or let us customise an experiential learning experience just for you to learn the things that make you feel most turned on. These days create a space for self-awareness, allowing individuals and couples to explore the intricacies of BDSM in a strong and conscious setting.

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