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Welcome to Australia's newest hub for those living, or interested in exploring, alternative relationship dynamics.



We offer coaching for individuals, couples, polycules / triads / groups and more. We can also offer support for the media and practitioners looking to gain better understanding of the communities engaging in alternative relationship dynamics.

We coach people from all over Australia via video consultation.
In-person coaching is available only in Sydney at this stage and only upon request.
  • Poly friendly relationship support Sydney​
  • Kink / BDSM lessons Sydney
  • LGBT friendly relationship support Sydney
  • ENM / Non-monogamy support Sydney
  • Sexologist Sydney
  • Ethical Non-Monogamy support Australia wide

Poly friendly relationship coach. Relationship coach specialising in ENM. For those new to ENM or those with long term experience.

Jealousy management + Jealousy coach. Learn how to work through and better manage jealousy. Whether you are in an ENM relationship or not.

Kink coach. BDSM coach. For those wanting to add to their sex lives. Or those wanting to explore lifestyle D/s dynamics.

For therapists, counsellors and relationship coaches looking to better understand alternative relationships.

SW Support

For those doing SW for the first time, those with experience and those that date SWers.

I was just living monogamous relationships because that was all I knew. Now I feel like I have options.

Sarah, NSW

Kink workshops in Sydney

Set out on an extraordinary journey with our dedicated team of professionals at ENM Australia, where we embrace diversity and have experienced Sexologists and Relationship Coaches Sydney. Our expert team provides support for those exploring Non-Monogamy, Kink/BDSM, and LGBTQI+ relationships in Sydney. We offer relationship support for those involved in Sex Work and those dating sex workers in Sydney.

Via video consultation or face-to-face sessions, our Poly Friendly Relationship Coach in Sydney extends a warm welcome to those navigating the complexities of polyamorous relationships. We understand the exciting aspects and challenges that come with ethical non-monogamy and provide a place of understanding for individuals to explore, grow, and strengthen their connections.

At ENM Australia, we recognise that each relationship is as unique as the people in it. In the bustling city of Sydney, our team is dedicated to offering comprehensive support to those embracing ethical non-monogamy. Our ENM Sydney workshops and education are tailored to your specific needs, fostering an environment where you can explore, learn, and build meaningful connections without judgment.

Whether you're seeking guidance in a queer relationship, exploring the dynamics of polyamory, delving into Kink/BDSM, or entering the community of Non-Monogamy in Sydney, our team is here to assist you on your journey towards fulfilling and authentic connections. Welcome to a space where your relationships can flourish.

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Sex and Relationship Coaching is not psychotherapy. I am not a physician, psychiatrist, psychologist, licensed social worker or licensed marriage and family therapist, and I do not offer therapy, psychotherapy or medical advice.

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